Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taking "deadbeat" to the next level...

Times-Picayune - Father kills 2-year-old son, dumps him in park, police say

Apparently, $4,000 is enough to kill for over in NOLA. No, it wasn't a gambling debt, stolen drugs, or even over a pair of shoes... it was overdue child support.

Add one Danny Platt into our Wall of WTF, for killing his 2-year-old son Ja'Shawn Powell over child support.

This is an extreme example of a problem plaguing society these days... idiots who forget that they're just as responsible for the child as the women they impregnate, then refuse to have any hand in supporting their responsibility, even after the courts order it. Most of the time, they just refuse to pay, and land in jail, where they can thank their various deities that they weren't born with a uterus.

What Platt did was take this plague to a whole new level. Sure, when the cops were hauling him in, he was crying and apologizing... "I'm sorry about killing my baby," he said.

Nice. It's his baby only after he kills him. It seems he sure as hell didn't give a damn while he was alive. He even threatened to either kill Ja'Shawn or Ja'Shawn's mother over the payments.

Well, he followed through on something. Pity it couldn't have been on his responsibilities.

Score: 10 out of 10 WTFs

Friday, June 20, 2008

Branding ain't for cows and BDSM anymore...

CNN - Teacher accused of burning cross on student's arm

...Just what we need, another extremist religious nutjob in a position of authority over our vulnerable youth. And I'm not even talking about his stereotypical-for-a-rightard spew about homosexuality being a sin, his teaching of (Un)Intelligent Design or his keeping a Bible on his desk. The former's his 1st Amendment right to freedom of opinion, like it or not, though he should keep it out of his work. The median is annoying, but some of the people in charge are pushing for this garbage and the latter is enough to want me to lead an angry mob and call for his head. No, what earns the WTF is the fact that he burned a cross onto the arm of one of his students. Why? That's not detailed in the story and I won't speculate. It's wrong regardless. It makes you cry WTF, no matter the motives. You just don't do that to a kid, no matter how much of a heathen he is.

Also, a WTF to the school that hired this nutjob in the first place. Don't they check out their employees? They should have seen the signs and fired him before this happened instead of just reprimanding him. Reprimands won't fix a rightard. You got to hit them where it hurts... the wallet.

Score: 7 of 10 WTFs

A REALLY embarassing situation...

Baton Rouge, LA: Man arrested , accused of having sex with his dog

(Linked article is work-safe)

Ok, so I got my coffee, I started looking at news sites for stuff for my roadblog, and I came across this story, and it threw up the hugest WTF that I've gotten in days. The guy in the story woke up, thought about sex, then got some coffee. Then he went into the backyard and started thinking more about it, this time with animals. Then he grabbed one of his dogs, put her on a chair, then... yeah, you get where this lurid tale is going.

Then the U.S. Marshals came to serve him a warrant and found him just like that, trying to get lucky with the dog. What were they going there to serve him for?

Failing to register as a sex offender.

You see, Mr. Chaney, the man arrested, already was a sex offender before this, having pled guilty to four counts of molesting juveniles. The worst part of this is that the warrant was recalled and his registration was up-to-date. They only found out about this after they hauled him in for diddling the pooch. Ah, well. Now he's got a charge of crimes against nature hanging over his head.

Still... WTF?!

Score: 8 of 10 WTFs

Thursday, June 5, 2008

She got a designated driver, alright...

Welcome to The WTF Files, a blog highlighting the worst idiocy and stupidity humanity has to offer. Well, outside of politics, anyway... that's just too much stupidity for any human being to digest!

WLWT-TV: Woman accused of being drunk, letting toddler drive

We begin with one hell of a doozy today, with a drunk woman, already under suspension, deciding that it would be the Best Idea Evar to let her one-year old steer the car while in her lap. The idiocy here tops the charts. Not only did she decide that having the one-year old steer would be smart, but she had her five and eight-year olds in the car as well.

To lock her in even more for her Darwin Award, there's the fact that this was her third arrest for DUI in six years. Her excuse? She was only going a couple of blocks to return some DVDs to a neighbor. Lady, it doesn't matter if you're going a couple of blocks or a couple of thousand miles, you don't do it drunk with your kids in the car!

This woman has inspired a blog just so I could post about her stupidity. Truthfully, this will go on the roadblog as well.

Score: 10 out of 10 WTFs